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Stage program

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10:00-10:30 Opening ceremony
11:00-12:00 Aim to expand demand for domestic timber through system innovation that connects upstream and downstream

Masahiro Samejima / Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Specializes in forestry science and biomass science. In the midst of this, he has continued research and educational activities aimed at promoting the utilization of wood and biomass. Taking advantage of the results, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Place for Accumulation and Utilization of Knowledge" ® project is currently conducting research and development aimed at expanding demand for forest resources and timber that contributes to regional revitalization (jiso rinki). Platform" producer.

13:00-14:00 Creating wooden houses that design relationships

Mr. Takahiro Yamada/President of Bioform Environmental Design Office, first-class architect office

Based on traditional wooden architecture, we carry out architectural/environmental design in accordance with local production for local consumption and the climate. Aiming to create a living environment based on permaculture design methods and philosophies, the theme is to create a wide range of environments and places, including buildings, the nature surrounding them, and communities. After graduating from the Department of Architecture at Waseda University, worked at Shimizu Corporation and Takashi Hasegawa's atelier before taking up his current position.

14:30-15:30 Walking with the forest

Akiko Okada/President of Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Born in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Nanzan University. In 2011 she joined Hida Industry Co., Ltd. Taking the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2020, he launched a branding project with the desire to determine the direction of the company, and led the verbalization and systemization of the corporate philosophy. In December 2021, she was appointed President and CEO.

16:00-17:00 Small village big challenge!

Takashi Otani/NPO Tokyo Satoyama Mokkokai/Director, Hinohara Toy Museum/Director

Born in Hinohara in 1965, raised in Hinohara, wanted to be involved in the Hinohara Forest Toy Museum, retired from Tokyo for 30 years early in 2020, launched NPO Tokyo Satoyama Mokkokai in December of the same year, Hinohara Appointed director of the Forest Toy Museum.

11:00-12:00 Forefront of Wood Design - Making Value Creation from Wood Towns

Mr. Manabu Akaike/Director of Universal Design Research Institute Co., Ltd./Chairman of Wood Design Award Judging Committee/Chairman of CSV Development Organization/Director of Resilience Japan Promotion Council

Born in 1958 in Tokyo. He graduated from the University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Biology, and dropped out of the Graduate School of Shizuoka University. He is involved in product, facility and regional development based on universal design. He has also served as chairman of the judges for the Wood Design Award, Kids Design Award, and Japan Biodiversity Award, chairman of the CSV Development Organization, director of the Resilience Japan Promotion Council, adviser to the 100-year management research organization, and director of the Niigata Prefectural Museum of Natural Science. .

13:00-14:00 Redesigning local forest values ​​and organic relationships

Yoshiteru Takemoto/President of Tobimushi Co., Ltd.

Focusing on the "forest" that is the commons of the local community, we aim to revitalize the local forestry industry while establishing a system that allows materials, energy and food to circulate within the region. Established Tobimushi. Since then, he has been designing projects all over the country that contribute to the re-editing of the organic relationships between forests and regions. His specialty is environmental law. Part-time Lecturer at Musashino Art University/Graduate School (Social Form Theory)

14:30-15:30 [Conversation] A kindergarten that nurtures rich sensibilities in the warmth of wood from Tama

Ms. Kayoko Ogawa/Director of Social Welfare Corporation Keishokai Mirai Nursery School

After graduating from university, after working for an insurance company, changed jobs to a corporate nursery school. After gaining field experience, he assumed his current position in April 2008. She belongs to the Child Support Society. She is involved in a survey to understand the awareness of the child-rearing generation and the current situation of childcare workers. She is a little impatient, so in her work, she is "not rushed, not overwhelmed, tenacious" and in her life, "all is well" is her motto.

Ryoichi Yoshida/Representative of Yoshida Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd./First-class architect

Born in 1967 in Tokyo. In 1989, he graduated from Kanto Gakuin University with a degree in architectural equipment engineering. Established Yoshida Architectural Planning Office in March 1992. He has been working on the restoration of old folk houses and wooden housing design, and in recent years he has been working on the design of wooden nursery schools and children's centers that mainly use locally produced wood and make use of modern sensibilities and the goodness of Japanese architecture.

11:00 - Proposal for using domestic timber - using up a single tree

Fumitaka Shimizu/President of Marubeni Lumber Co., Ltd.

Born in 1979 in Osaka. Joined Marubeni Lumber Co., Ltd. in 1996. Appointed Representative Director in 2008. We are focusing on sustainable business by switching our main product to plantation wood that reaches its maturity in eight years. In 2013, we established a factory in Shuyan County, Jiangsu Province, China as the only Japanese company. In 2018, we also established a factory in Vietnam. We are disseminating to each country the business of utilizing unused domestic materials, mainly Japanese cypress, which is a resource of Japan.

13:00 - Attractiveness of non-residential buildings using CLT and points of design and construction

Shinsuke Kurumada/Meiken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Wood Structure Division Direct Purchase Section Manager

Joined Meiken Kogyo in 2008. He has been in field management and development work for about seven years. During the period, he was in charge of the site of Japan's first CLT building 'Kochi Otoyo employee dormitory'. Since 2015, he has been seconded to the CLT Association and the Building Research Institute, where he is involved in the Tsukuba CLT Laboratory and other new developments and experiments. From 2019, he returned to Meiken Kogyo and is currently working on sales activities to convey the appeal of CLT.

15:00 - Recycle Japanese Satoyama deliciously.

Chika Furuya/Representative of the Japan Plant Research Institute

Exploring delicious edible plants and developing products by visiting mountains all over Japan. In addition, he is the founder of Japan's original craft cola 'Tomo Cola'.

Rie Kimoto/Co-CEO of Japan Plant Research Institute, Creative Director, CEO of HARKEN Co., Ltd. Lecturer at Musashino Art University

Born in 1992. He handles business development, events, brand planning, art direction, and design. The main projects I am in charge of are "NOT A HOTEL", which realizes a new life with technology, and "DAICHI", a real estate development in the natural environment. He has won the Good Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the Japan Typography Yearbook.

11:00 - Fairwood common sense. ~Manufacturing using domestic and local materials~

Yutaka Nomura/Weiss-Weiss Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department Leader

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1981. In 2011, she joined Weiss Weiss Co., Ltd. She builds relationships by making direct visits to forestry areas, lumber mills, woodworking factories, factories, etc. throughout the country, and creates furniture and spaces using domestic and local materials. She is in charge of a wide range of sales, planning, and public relations, and proposes sustainable and affluent lifestyles.

13:00 - Total forestry of the Neba Village Forestry Cooperative ~ From forest development to a life with trees that make the most of the forest ~

Yutaka Imamura/Councilor of Neba Village Forest Association

Born in Tokyo in 1960 Graduated from Shinshu University's Department of Agriculture
Nagano Forestry Office, Otaki Forestry Office, Nagano Prefectural Forestry Department, Neba Village Office before working for Neba Village Forest Cooperative

15:00 - Creation of wooden products at a welfare workshop and collaboration with Rinfuku, aiming for new utilization of Tokyo trees and domestic lumber

Miko Noguchi/Representative Director Kitokito

After working as a bank employee and working for a forestry association, he started his business 5 years ago as a consultation service for wood product manufacturing and wood education. From October 2022, she will open “Wood Factory”, a type B business that supports continuous employment support, and will create a new form of wood utilization by fusing wood concierge business and welfare business.

2023.1.31Tue 〜 2023.2.17Fri
Opening up the future of forestry with "Tree Education"

Mr. Kazutoshi Sugawara/Sales Manager, Mori and Ichiba, Tokyo Co., Ltd.

From the age of 18 when he was a student at the Faculty of Human Environment, Hosei University, he worked on community development in Okutama-machi, and moved to the same town in 2010 after graduating. Started business at the age of 23. Participated in the launch of Tokyo Morito Ichiba Co., Ltd. in 2013 and contributed to making it profitable as the sales manager. In 2021, he published his first book, "Creating Your Own Region -Work-Life-Play Mix-". Many media appearances such as TV and newspapers, lectures at universities etc.

Designing "Japanese sunshine" with prefectural cedar louvers that control line of sight and sunlight

Ms. Yuka Yabu/Architect of Taisei Corporation

Born in 1990 in Tokyo. 2013 Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Department of Design Engineering. In 2015, completed the master's course at the same graduate school. In the same year, he joined the Design Division of Taisei Corporation. He has worked on commercial facilities, refurbished wooden spaces, and city halls that utilize locally produced wood. Reiwa 3rd year Wood City TOKYO Model Architecture Award [Female Empowerment Award] Received

Efforts for comfort and recycling-oriented wooden interior materials with Japanese wood, which is attracting attention in the world

Mr. Mayumi Amimura / Color Design Firm Representative, Interior & Color Designer

Researching the comfort that resonates with the five senses from various aspects such as color, environment, era and appropriate materials. We deal with wellness design. Involved in the development of Japan's first urban-type rental housing exclusively for the elderly, and the verification of the emotional effects of colors and interiors for a project subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He has done branding for IBM Research Institute Japan, Gray Worldwide, and Swarovski, and is currently the CEO of Color Design Firm.

WOOD Collection Management Office
WOOD Collection Executive Committee
Forestry Agency, Japan Federation of Wood-industry Associations, National Federation of Forest Owners’ Co-operative Association, National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization, Japan Association of Corporate Executives and Japan Council for Advancement of Timber Utilization
Exhibiting Prefectures
Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolis, Kanagawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture
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